What’s Working And What’s Not

I was at a recent businesses function, and a man that was there gave a quick talk about how to keep your life peaceful and profitable. The man that was giving this presentation was a man I knew to be quite wealthy both financially and with his family, so what he said carried a lot of weight with me.

His presentation said that in your life it’s a good idea to create two lists, one of what’s working, and one of ‘not working’ and the premise of his talk was, for the things that are not working, don’t spend a lot of time trying to ‘make them work’, instead, cut them out of your life, quickly and efficiently. I took this advice to heart. Unfortunately when I preformed this exercise on my life, I found there were several things I needed to let go of and get out of my life. One involved a person who I love, but should not be in business with. Our business arrangement wasn’t working, hadn’t been working for months, and yet I was holding onto something, because I ‘wanted to fix it’. After hearing this presentation, I knew it was time to cut bait and move on.

Problem is, he doesn’t want to let go, and is still holding onto the idea that we can ‘fix it’. I’ve searched my heart and I know I will not change him, nor do I want to try, at this point I just want to move on.

This is a new experience for me, I’m usually the one holding on and trying to ‘fix it’, but in a way it’s very refershing to just be happy letting go.

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