Challenges We Face

Knowing A Few Keys Will Set You FREE!!!
Keys To Rapid Growth…

Most small business owners I’ve met (myself included) are constantly looking for a way to rapidly expand their businesses, and at the same time control costs. This is a very difficult task, especially in a tough economic environment like this one.

I’ve also found (as was the case for me) that the budget for most small business owners is limited or, in many cases, non-existent.
So here’s the challenges we face:

1. No Money For A Big Advertising Campaign
2. No Real World Experience With What Works and What Doesn’t
3. No Time to organize and execute a large advertising/marketing campaign
4. No staff to delegate this to even if we did have the money to do it
5. The advertising and marketing that ‘other people’ do doesn’t work, and in most cases is totally ineffective.

I could go on, but I think you get the idea. So what’s a small business owner to do when faced with such overwhelming odds?

I’ll share with you what most of them do, they curl up and die. Oh sure, many are still functioning and manage, through some super human effort, to keep their businesses alive, but few, and I’m talking like 1% or less actually THRIVE. When people get into business for themselves, the dream of freedom is what drives them, the dream of being ‘their own boss’ and ‘working on their own terms’ but it’s only a short while into working for themselves that the reality slaps them in the face.
Your Business Now Owns You

The stark harsh reality is that there’s no escape, their very existence is dependent upon that business staying afloat, and they fall into the trap of working like crazy every day to just survive. I’ve lived this myself, and it’s a very difficult way to live.

So there you are, working like a mad man/woman, to keep your business alive, and when do you have the time to actually design and then execute a marketing campaign?
You Know You Need More Customers…

That’s the real problem isn’t it? If you had a steady stream of high paying, high profit customers, wow, then you could really make some money. But that seems more like a pipe dream than a reality. If you had the keys to driving in all the business you could handle, you would do that wouldn’t you?

You can’t risk putting some money into yet another advertising campaign, and hoping that it’s going to pan out for you, can you? You might as well play Russian Roulette, with your mortgage money. The problem is, in a nutshell, two-fold.
1. No one taught you how to market your business correctly
2. You’re too busy running your business to make it grow

It wasn’t that long ago that I realized that I was in that place. I was stuck. I desperately needed more customers, and more customers meant more profit, but I didn’t have any money, I was barely making ends meet as it was, how could I spend money on a gamble that it might work?

When I got honest with myself I realized I needed help, I needed someone to show me how to market my business, from the ground up, and I needed a marketing plan that would bring in results for every dollar I spent.

Ideally, I needed a plan that if I spent 10 dollars I would see at least a 10 dollar return. But no one in the advertising community would give me anything that even loosely resembled this. I kept hearing things like ‘You just need to get your name out there’ and ‘Do good work, and then people will come’. Well let me be so bold as to say both statements are totally ‘DEAD WRONG’.

Here’s secret number one and you might want to write this one down:
There is Almost ZERO correlation between being good at what you do, and the number of customers you’ll have

I’d bet this statement rubs some of you the wrong way. I’ve heard “well, you have to be good at what you do!”, and to a point I’ll agree with this, but only to a point. Yes, you do need to deliver a quality product to thrive, but by itself delivering a quality product alone with get you no where.

I’ve met more brilliant business owners that don’t have a dime in their pocket, and I’ve met some that are not as sharp, and are sitting on millions.
So if being good at what you do isn’t the key to riches in small business what is?

Before I answer that question, have you ever noticed that common sense is not common? That seems kinda funny eh? That common sense isn’t common, but this is what I’ve found to be the rule, and not the exception. That being said, the key to being wealthy in small business is having a consistent stream of high paying (profitable) customers coming into your business from multiple sources. Day in and day out having qualified customers pay you well for what you do is the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT thing you can have in your small business. And to create a steady stream of highly qualified, profitable customers, you need to have great marketing.

A Great, Consistent, Marketing System That Drives Profitable Customers Into Your Business Over and Over.

So how to create this stream or profitable customers? We’ll that’s where I can help. For years and years I struggled in my small business, until I learned this key. Once I started to understand this, I grabbed hold and ran like a wild man, learning everything I could about direct response marketing, and how to drive an avalanche of great customers into my business, over and over again. I began to see results almost immediately. First building my own business and then helping hundreds of other business owners double, and even triple their sales.

Now I’m going to offer that system to you. I’ve taken what was once a scattered, unfocused marketing plan, and Infused it with the latest technology, and automated it. My system now drives tens of thousands of dollars into my small businesses without me having to do anything. It works on auto-pilot, and I’m free to do the things that I got into my own business for in the first place. FREEDOM, with the time and money to do what I love.

Why not join me, and I’ll help you develop this system for your small business too! Join me and I’ll help you break free from the ordinary and mundane routine that so many business owners fall into. I’ll show you how to automate a proven system of marketing that will absolutely dominate your competition and help you stuff tens of thousands of profit dollars into you pocket. Click the link below to get started!