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Website Blueprint For Massive On-Line Success

"How to Create A Business Website That Will Drive To You Pre-Qualified, Pre-Motivated High Profit Clients, Day And Night Automatically"

"Crushing Your Competition In The Search Engines"  Use our 11 step formula to decimate your competition piece by piece, and consistently out rank them week in and week out. You'll be shocked at the results you get and how fast you get them.

"Buyer Keyword Targeting" Use our profiling checklist to hone down to EXACTLY who your customer is, what products and services they are looking for and what keywords they are using to find those products and services.

"Contagious Consumer Guides and Hotline" Our proven guides and scripts will educate, pre qualify, and pre motivate your visitors into buyers. It's easy, fast and you'll be amazed at the bottom line profits this will bring into your business.

"Captain Hook" Most marketers miss the hook...and they fail. In my opinion this is the SINGLE BIGGEST FACTOR in a website's success of failure. We'll show you how we develop ours and even help you to uncover yours.

"Throat-Grabbing Headlines" If they don't read it they won't stay on your site and they will therefore never buy from you. That's why the greatest headline writers in the world make HUGE salaries. I'll show you how to "borrow" their best ZINGERS to suck your readers in like a giant vacuum cleaner on steroids.

"Navigation Bar Structure " This template makes your website as .user friendly. as possible, drastically increasing the amount of time a visitor stays on your site, which increase the probability they will call you and buy from you. It took 3 years to develop this.

"Easing The Buying Process" 3 Streamlining methods that make spending money with you easier and watch your sales skyrocket. Our example handouts will make this a breeze.

"Auto Follow-Up Formula" People don't buy when you want them to they buy when they are ready. Use our proven multi-step formula for best results.

"Conveying Your Message in Video" Salesmanship in print can be conveyed EVEN BETTER in video.  Follow our simple 5-point guide and your videos should do the heavy lifting in your sales pages.

"Domain Name Domination" Use our proven strategy to grab the most relevant domain name(s) for your area and target market.

"Cracking The Code" How to avoid the 3 biggest mistake made by most web developers and advertising agencies. Ignoring any one of these will guarantee poor website results. HINT: One of these has to do with the name of your business.

One Payment Of $297 $197